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The Plan For A Passive Income

Master Plan

For every passive income idea you get you will need to have a plan. The more detailed the plan is the higher rate of succes. This Plan needs to be written down on paper (or a white board) and you must follow it to the letter. This will be you Master Plan.


1. Define your idea
2. Research your idea
3. Check out your competition


7. Buy a domain name that relates to your business
8. Buy Web Hosting for your domain.
9. Build your website


5. Find out what resources you will require
6. Compare the prices of said resources


10. Register your site with Search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.)
11. Promote your website in forums and social media


I will find and try as many  passive income opportunities and give you feedback

We have all heard stories of multi-millionaires that made money online and now they are selling you their secrets for a few hundred dollars, where does the truth begin and the fiction end? With your help I will have a try and test as many of these courses and products as possible and get back to you with the results and pro’s and cons for each and every one of them.


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